Galice – Portugale

Golf de Gascogne

Notre première longue navigation 3 jours…

Navigating in Normandie and Bretagne Nord

Navigating in the English Channel

From Dunkerque to Guernesey, the beginning of the adventure…


Here are some photos from Dunkerque during our stay.

The power of the ocean

~Here are some amazing photos that Yves took on our wonderful vacation on the island of la Réunion! On that particular day, there were waves up to 10m crashing down on the coastline! Breathtaking, no?

A little bit of Switzerland

Random photos of Switzerland, mainly landscape.

 Our boat! A work in progress…

~Here are some photos of how our work on the boat is coming along…Needless to say…a LOT has been done…but a bit more to do?!

Pas mal des photos qui illustrent l’évolution de nos travaux sur notre bateau!